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Monthly Archives: April 2022

National Volunteer Week

It’s all about the “Aha” moment– Why do Carizon volunteers do what they do?   April 24th to the 30th is National Volunteer Week and we have so many reasons to send appreciation to the volunteers who offer their time and talent to support our Carizon community. Recently, we asked some of our volunteers what it… Read more »

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Creative Fundraising with Lasting Impact

When compassion meets creativity, lasting change happens! This past year, Carizon was honoured to be the recipient of community-organized fundraisers that have made lasting differences in families’ lives. One donor’s story   As Elizabeth Keeso, owner of Aesthetica Face and Body, planned her retirement, she invited her clients to celebrate this milestone with a donation to… Read more »

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Liam’s Story

Of the things learned in school – from algebra to world history and all subjects in between – a group of students in our community learned one of the most valuable lessons: you just never know what’s going on with someone until you hear their story.  They got the chance to hear Liam’s* story.  A… Read more »

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