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5 Tips to Create Back to School Excitement at Work

Fall is the season of “back to school” and often means an exciting threshold for youth — new classes, new friends, new things to learn and do, and maybe new pencils, crayons, clothes and knapsacks. It brings a fresh start, the excitement of something different, room for self-reflection, and the potential for growth.  As we return from our summer vacations as adults, can we instill the same excitement in the workplace that our children may experience going back to school?

Here are some tips that may help generate some excitement in your work environment and refresh you as you head back to work this fall.

  1. Spruce up your worksite. Treat yourself to some new tools.  Tidy your office space, clear away the clutter and add something that makes your space a pleasure to work in. It’s surprising how a little change can foster a sense of a new beginning and new perspectives.
  2. Switch up your work! Stop doing something, or change how it’s done. So often we get stuck in work patterns and spend time doing things that really are not that important in the big picture. Things change. Priorities shift. We can all find something that we do because “we’ve always done it that way.”  By taking a critical look and letting go of non-essential tasks, you can free up time to work on the things that really do add value — and offers a bit of a fresh start.
  3. Shift your attitude about something that irritates you. Do you have a co-worker who has all the answers and needs to be the centre of attention? Shift your focus from “oh no, not again” to an attitude of sympathy and understanding. Are all the close parking spots taken? Enjoy the longer walk in the fresh crisp fall air and see it as a gift of the season. Do you fight through terrible traffic to get to work? Pick up an audio book, and make the time in the car something you are thankful for!
  4. Change something that has become easy for you.  Challenge yourself, ask for a bigger project, get out of your comfort zone. One way to focus on new development ideas is to browse through journals that pertain to your work. What’s being talked about? Is there something there that intrigues you? Is there a new skill that you could use? Discover how to lead better meetings, manage conflict or manage difficult conversations. Push yourself to learn something new.
  5. Contribute to change in the culture of your organization. Is there a way that you could help to foster a positive work environment for both yourself and your colleagues? Perhaps you have an interest in playing cards and could organize lunch time euchre. Or you may want to find an opportunity to add some fitness to your day, and organize a lunch hour walking group. Think about what would make your workplace a more positive setting for you, and chances are, you will have co-workers that feel the same way, and then consider how to make it happen.

Fall is the season of change – enjoy it!