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Me Day Feb 20

6 Reasons You Should Practice Self Care and Participate in #MEdayWR

Last year, during the month of February, Carizon started a new initiative – we designated February as a month for self-care. Knowing that these last months of winter contribute to the blahs, the whole idea behind the movement was to encourage people to undertake self-care activities that promote wellness.

Carizon also designated a day in the middle of the month as “Me Day” and promoted #MeDayWR in the community. We challenged a number of partnering organizations to join us that day and to coordinate a workplace activity that promoted employee self-care. And, there was a resounding, “Yes. We love the idea of promoting self-care!”

So, we’re doing it again this year. We’ve designated Wednesday, February 20th as Me Day!

Why participate in Me Day on February 20th?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life as we run from one demand to another. But, there are many benefits to self care.

Here are 6 good reasons to join this movement and participate in Me Day:

  1. It is not selfish or self-centred to take time to take care of yourself. We often hear “you can’t take care of others if you are not well yourself.” But, we not only need to think this, we need to act on it, and not feel guilty about taking time for our personal wellness.
  2. We should not measure our success by how busy we are and how fast we run from one thing to another. Rather, we should consider measuring our success by finding the joy in living. This tells us that we need to slow down and make self care a priority.
  3. There are many elements to wellness. At Carizon, during the month of February, we focused on emotional, physical, social and financial wellness. Finding a balance of activities that contribute to your personal wellness is essential to your overall well-being.
  4. It’s important to have fun. Most of the organizations that participated in a self-care activity on “Me Day” had an element of humour in their events. We should all make time for a good belly laugh with others every day.
  5. We need to make personal wellness a priority, not something that we will do if and when we can find the time. Eating right, getting exercise, being mindful, connecting with others – will all help you feel better and have more energy as you go about the rest of your day.
  6. When we take care of ourselves, we set an example for others to follow suit. So, by taking care of ourselves, we are, in fact, taking care of others by demonstrating this value and walking the talk.

So consider participating this year in Me Day on February 20th. Organize a company wellness event, or simply do something that day to contribute to your own personal wellness. Then tweet us @carizon #MEdayWR. In the meantime, feel free to also share with us any personal insights or ideas you have about self care.