Afonso’s Story

For Afonso, every day was a struggle to simply get up and be present for his family. Along with managing his own wellbeing, Afonso was supporting a wife with complex mental health issues, raising two young sons and navigating chronic housing instability.

For years, Carizon worked with Afonso and his family – building trust, understanding their needs and supporting them through different crises as their boundaries allowed.

When Afonso’s wife courageously sought more intensive support and was admitted into hospital care – Carizon supported her through each brave step, ensuing she felt safe, heard and hopeful. They also knew that Afonso would need help – while he was able to attend to practical needs like taking care of the home, it was his wife who offered a nurturing voice for the boys.

For the time that Afonso’s wife was hospitalized, the Carizon team was there to provide support to the family. During that time together, Afonso shared that his boys had not slept in their own bedrooms in two years – the spaces had simply become too full of the things that get collected when frequent housing instability creates a fear of losing everything.

Afonso had a simple wish: to have the boys sleeping in their tidied bedrooms as a surprise to welcome his wife home.

Carizon believes that families know best when it comes to what support they need and what that support might look like. For Afonso and his family, the best support was to help clear the bedrooms, freshen the space and ready it for the boys. And that’s exactly what the Carizon team did together with Afonso and his sons – emptying rooms, cleaning surfaces, washing windows. In a home that had experienced such turmoil and change, these boys now had spaces of their own and the family a place to plant their roots.