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Children’s Mental Health Week is Coming. It’s a Good Time to Ask “Are You Raising a Resilient Child?”

Investing in the future can include fostering resiliency in our children. According to Ann Masten, PhD, resilience is the ability to show positive adaptation, handle stress, overcome disadvantage, recover from trauma, and use opportunities to grow and learn in the face of adversity.

So how do you know that you are raising a resilient child?

Recent research suggests that resilient individuals:

  1. feel appreciated and valued for their individual gifts and strengths,
  2. have an understanding of how to set realistic expectations for themselves and others,
  3. possess positive problem-solving skills,
  4. apply productive coping strategies when they encounter areas of challenge or vulnerability,
  5. seek assistance from others when support is deemed necessary, and
  6. experience positive support and interactions from peers and adults. (Brooks & Goldstein, 2001; Axvig, Bell & Nelson, 2009) (Morrison & Kirby, 2010)

Children’s Mental Health week in Ontario is May 5 – 11, 2019. To celebrate, Carizon is partnering with Grand River Hospital Foundation on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 to present Mindful Mornings. This breakfast event at Bingemans Conference Centre, features three guest speakers, Michael Landsberg, Jennifer Hedger and Corey Hirsch, who will share their stories about mental health. Proceeds will support both Grand River Hospital Foundation and Carizon. Tables go on sale March 13th and individual tickets on April 2nd. To purchase a table or tickets, visit www.grhf.org/event/mindfulmornings. Many thanks to our presenting sponsor TD Bank Group.