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Seize That Teachable Moment!

According to Moises Roman from UCLA Early Care and Education, “a teachable moment is a learning opportunity for a child to acquire new information, values, morals, a new behavior or a new skill, or a new way of expressing and coping with an emotion.” As parents and professionals, there are things we can do to… Read more »

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How To Teach Your Kids to Read Body Clues

Communication skills are more than just verbal, and moreover, these skills can be taught! According to Psychologists Declerck and Bogaert, “the evidence is accumulating: good social skills may depend on the ability to decipher facial expressions.” We have learned that when teaching children good communication skills, a critical component of this social education is teaching… Read more »

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How Full Is Your Bucket?

How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer is a book for all ages. Although it is a children’s picture story book, I have it sitting on my coffee table to be celebrated by children and adults alike. It consistently provokes the most interesting and meaningful conversations. “Through the story of a… Read more »

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Fun Activities to Celebrate Family Day and March Break

Family Day is fast approaching and March break is just around the corner. These occasions provide for a fun and interactive time for families and kids if you know where to go and what to do. The tri-city area offers a variety of activities for both children and families to participate in. If you are… Read more »

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