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Image of fist up in the air, with caption stating "We Stand With You"

Black Lives Matter

At Carizon, we commit to provide ongoing allyship and support to our Black clients, staff, family, friends, and community.

In recognition of the recent tragedies across North America, and countless others that have not been mentioned in mainstream media, Carizon stands in solidarity with BIPOC communities, the Black Lives Matter movement, and those most affected by current and lasting discriminatory events. We recognize the legacy of anti-Black and systemic racism, and the social injustice that causes trauma, social inequalities, and senseless harm caused by violence.

We acknowledge that we will never be done learning and growing as an ally, and we commit to listening, learning, and holding space for important conversations that are long overdue.

We understand that mental health is irrevocably tied to experiences of injustice and disparity. If you need someone to talk to during this intense and difficult time, we are here for you.

In addition, there are Black healing spaces locally that provide a safe space to navigate these emotions and engage with others in collective care: