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Wellness is an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle.

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Parenting During Quarantine

April is Stress Awareness Month, and this seems particularly relevant right now. People say that parenting is the hardest and most stressful job on the planet. I’m not sure that I totally agree. However, as I sit here typing this and listening to my toddler’s calls of “mommy, where are you?” from my bathroom office,… Read more »

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Talking to Children & Youth About COVID-19

Growing concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19) are certainly prevalent in the media, social conversations, and the thoughts of most Ontarians. Along with all the information, there is also an abundance of unknowns and quite possibly fears. Children and youth who experience anxiety may find the information about COVID-19 in the news and around them especially worrisome…. Read more »

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An Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

The March topic for Carizon’s #WellnessWednesday series is Mindfulness and Meditation. Mindfulness as a concept seems to be everywhere lately; the term is used in connection to lowering stress, anxiety, and finding a sense of calm in our increasingly hectic lives. While it can seem strange or difficult, mindfulness at its core is just the… Read more »

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Social Media & Wellness: Finding Your Balance

To compliment the previous tips which included using social media mindfully and a social media cleanse all together, our last tip is a combination of the two: finding balance in how you spend your time. Finding balance can look like the following: Discover and engage in hobbies: Have you ever found yourself using social media… Read more »

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February is Wellness Month at Carizon

It’s Wellness Month at Carizon – twenty-nine days dedicated to fostering your wellbeing and self-care routine so that we can all recharge and continue the year with full force! When people rank their least favourite month of the year, February is often the winner. With the holiday season behind us, the colder temperatures, the lack of sunshine,… Read more »

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Time for a Social Media Cleanse?

While it might take practice, it could be beneficial to try something new in your social media routine… In last week’s #WellnessWednesday post, we discussed how mindfulness can help foster a more positive online experience. This week, we will continue the conversation and consider what to do about your (maybe more negative) reactions from social… Read more »

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Social Media & Mindfulness

While scrolling through social media feeds has become an integral component of many people’s daily routine, it is critical for their wellbeing that they reflect on the potential impacts. Many openly acknowledge that they spend “too much time online” and yet continue to struggle to successfully unplug without feeling a sense of anxiety. This could… Read more »

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Work-Life Balance: Planning & Asking for Help

In last week’s #WellnessWednesdays post, we discussed how mindfulness and grounding can help identify aspects of self-care that are be missing in your work-life balance. This week, we are adding two more ideas.  Planning “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin Establishing a healthy work-life balance usually won’t just happen on its… Read more »

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Work-Life Balance: The Busy Badge

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own “to do” list.” -Michelle Obama When did everyone start wearing “busyness” like a badge of honour? Do you remember the last time you asked someone how they were doing, and the word “busy” wasn’t part of the answer? Is this something… Read more »

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