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Celebrating the Unified Future for Carizon, KW Counselling, and Monica Place

Images of Carizon, KW Counselling and Monica Place staff celebrating unification by bringing each other treats and goodies.

Below is the mission of the unified agency: We support individuals, families, and communities as they work to strengthen their mental health and wellbeing.

And below that is the vision of the agency: “A connected community where all people thrive”It was unanimous! All three Boards of Directors from Carizon, KW Counselling, and Monica Place came together in December and agreed to formally become one agency. This is after many months of working together at all levels of our organizations, and significant amounts of engagement with our volunteers, community partners and donors. We are so grateful to everyone for the participation and effort that was dedicated to this meaningful work.

As we look ahead to the future, we are inspired to serve our community better than ever before. Together, we will create a system that brings greater impact to the growing mental health and wellbeing needs of individuals, families, and communities in Waterloo Region. We are excited for what our unified organization will achieve. We hope to increase capacity to serve more effectively and become more sustainable, while strengthening and expanding programs and services.

Unification will be effective on April 1, 2023, and the new agency will be led by Carizon’s current CEO, Tracy Elop. Rebecca Webb, the current Executive Director of KW Counselling, will be the Director of Organizational Effectiveness. We are delighted to have Tracy and Rebecca continue to lead our team as a stronger, unified organization. Jennifer Breaton, the former Executive Director of Monica Place, left earlier in 2022 to lead the YW of KW as its new CEO. Jennifer played a vital role in our unification exploration, and we look forward to collaborating with her and her team at the YW of KW.

The people we serve are always our priority and at this time nothing changes for our community and participants – all of our collective services remain the same. The journey that lies ahead is exciting. Join us as we celebrate this incredible milestone.Carizon, KW Counselling, and Monica Place logos