Temenos Classrooms

Temenos Classrooms

About Temenos Classrooms

Temenos classrooms are an environment designed to help youth with FASD thrive. There are six students in each classroom, and it is equipped and designed to accommodate their sensory needs. Academic instruction is provided by a WRDSB teacher that focuses on numeracy and literacy and is tailored to the leaning strengths and needs of each student at their learning stage. An academic pathway, including the acquisition of credits is individualized and agreed upon by student, teacher, and parent/caregiver.

We have a team of child and youth workers who provide extensive emotional, behavioural and practical supports to each student so that their day is successful. We support and help prepare youth and their families for life after Temenos. There is a social skills and life skills curriculum including volunteering and work co-op opportunities provided with individual support.

The classrooms follow a curriculum with therapeutic components including mindfulness training, music therapy, nature therapy and Emotion Focused therapy. Youth also have access Carizon’s counselling services.

Temenos does not end at the end of the school day. A family support worker is available to parents/guardians of Temenos youth to help them find the help they need in the community and to provide advice and coaching on the various aspects of parenting a child with FASD.


  • Minimize environmental stimuli – fewer bright colours placed strategically in the classroom, light filters, noise-cancelling headphones, etc.
  • Provide predictable and consistent structure in the classroom.
  • Appropriately accommodate for adjusted academic and behavioural expectations.
  • Engage parents in ongoing dialogue to understand each students’ unique strengths and needs.
  • Support parents and caregivers as they parent youth with FASD.


  • Lives in Waterloo Region
  • Is age eligible for high school
  • Has been formally diagnosed with FASD
  • Would benefit from a specialized learning environment and family support

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