Consultation Service

The Zero2Six program offers individual consultation sessions to parents/caregivers of infants, toddlers and preschoolers (birth to six years of age). The one-hour session focuses on social and emotional development, behaviour challenges, and parenting strategies.

The service is offered virtually (by phone or video) or in-person. Please contact us at 519-743-6333 to schedule your session and further discuss your needs.

Home-based Support

The Zero2Six Program provides intensive home-based support services to families with children from birth to age six. A Family Support Worker works with the family in their home or in the community to help increase our understanding of each unique family, reinforce family strengths and build coping skills. The Family Support Worker works with your family as equal partners to identify desired changes, set goals, develop skills and practice strategies in order to address challenges. Families are involved in tracking progress and evaluating success throughout the program. Areas of focus can include parenting, child development, emotion regulation, social skills, behaviour management, and family communication and relationships. Family Support Workers can also help families access other relevant, local resources and services.

To make enquiries about this service, please contact Front Door

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Have Questions?

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Group Programs

Learn about our group programs with multiple sessions and how to register for them.