Children and Parents Connecting

Children and Parents Connecting

Children and Parents Connecting works to provide programs and services for children from birth to age 6 and their families. We focus our work through a prevention lens and strategically locate our programs in vulnerable neighbourhoods or where marginalized families can access our services easily.

CAPC programs are funded by the Public Health Agency Canada. While every CAPC site is unique, they all share the Guiding Principles as their foundation:

• Children First
• Equity and Accessibility
• Community Based
• Strengthening and Supporting Families
• Flexibility
• Partnerships

How We Help

How We Help

The first six years are the most important for a child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Children and Parents Connecting is committed to supporting children who need it most, to help them reach their full potential. Through CAPC programs, children learn, play and have fun with other children in a supportive environment. Families learn about and connect with resources in their communities.

Parents and caregivers form friendships, share resources and develop skills through CAPC programs. Communities are strengthened when neighbours work together.

  • Provides affordable community-based programs and services, and community development
  • Is an active partner in community planning and advocacy
  • Offers workshops and special events
  • Supports volunteer leadership development
  • Focuses on prevention
  • Encourages early investment in children so they get a better start in life


See current CAPC program flyers.


In-home programming provided by CAPC Staff, supporting parents and families with children aged birth – 6 years. Home visits support children and families to reach their full potential through enhancing parent/child interaction, improved communication, and connection to community resources. CAPC Home Visiting program aims to reach the families facing more isolation and potential challenges, who have not accessed programs and are not yet group ready. We also visit families from our groups, who need a little extra support for the short term.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, this program is being offered online or through telephone support, however, staff will still meet with families in person if technology is a barrier to service. Click here for the Home Visiting Referal Form to be emailed to capc@carizon.ca.



An 8-week parenting support and education program for families of children ages 0-24 months that also links parents to other resources. This program is being offered online through Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents and children begin the morning with a Music & Movement session. Then parents connect to learn some of the fundamentals of parenting and share tips and resources with their peers.



This is a weekly gathering of rural women, who meet at Linwood Community Center for parenting discussion and activities to build connections. Along with enjoying a healthy snack, families socialize and engage in fun activities together while learning about other local community resources. This group is run in partnership with EarlyON Waterloo Region and mainly serves low German-speaking families – Old Colony Mennonites.

This program is not currently running.  Please check back for updates.



An 8-week parenting support and education program for dads of children ages 0-6 years.  Super Dads Super Kids was created by Brian Russell of Dad Central, and built with the support of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ontario Early Years Centre staff and professionals, and the direct feedback and input of dads and kids who tested the program over the years.  This program is being offered online through Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic.  SDSK is an activity-based fathering program.  There are 8 sessions, each designed to give fathers and children time together in a fun activity and for fathers to discuss relevant topics together.


Additionally, CAPC staff partner with other Carizon program staff to facilitate time-limited programs such as the Circle of Security and the Connections program.

For more information or to register, please view the current program list or contact us at 519-743-6333 ext. 2383.

Group Programs

Group Programs

To find out more info or to register for a group program, call 519.743.6333 ext. 2383.


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Group Programs

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