Connectivity KW4

Connectivity KW4

Connectivity brings health and social service agencies to a weekly meeting to collaboratively and proactively address situations of elevated risk and support individuals to access the services they need. In doing so, organizations and systems are immediately responsive and begin to make systematic improvements to improve service delivery, with the long term vision of reducing emergency room admissions, child protection cases, prosecutions, violent crime and youth victimization.

Connectivity KW4 Roadmap

An Opportunity for Integrated Service Delivery

An Opportunity for Integrated Service Delivery

What situations are Brought to Connectivity?

  • Any organization can bring or refer a situation to Connectivity
  • Situations brought to the meetings, by an organization, are those that involve a level of significant risk to an individual, the community, or both
  • Previous attempts to provide service have not been effective
  • Situations that could be more effectively managed in a multi-organization manner

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Connectivity KW4 Resources


Taylor Newberry Consulting was engaged by Connectivity Waterloo Region (Connectivity KW4 and Connectivity Cambridge North Dumfries) to complete two evaluation projects. The first evaluated the implementation of the Connectivity model. The second evaluated service user experiences and the impact on use of emergency services.

Connectivity Waterloo Region Evaluation Report

Connectivity WR Evaluation Report – Phase II

Waterloo Wellington Collaboration

The four Connectivity Tables in Waterloo Wellington work collaboratively regarding a consistent privacy process. A joint training event included a privacy workshop with Blair Witzel, Consultant MD+A Health Solutions and was an opportunity to provide an update on the work of the tables. A joint reporting document was released at that time.

International Recognition

In September 2015, Connectivity Waterloo Region was announced as a recipient of IACP/Motorola Webber Seavey Award.

The award given by the International Association of Chief of Police was established to recognize a standard of excellence that exemplifies law enforcement’s contribution and dedication to the quality of life in our communities.

The award honours the collaboration and dedication of the community partners who form Connectivity Waterloo Region.

Group Programs

Learn about our group programs with multiple sessions and how to register for them.