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Group Programs

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Group Programs List

Group Programs for Adults

Managing Stress for Managing Moods

This group will examine several methods to ease chronic stress and related chronic negative mood states such as
anxiety, irritability, and depression. We hope to move towards building new habits of self-care, leading to a more
satisfying life. Cost: $200, sliding fee scale available.

Money Matters

Learn about the importance of budgeting and financial management through life’s many transitions. Develop skills and gain an understanding of resources available to you.

Healthy Wallet, Wealthy Mind

This unique course blends traditional financial literacy with emotional wellbeing and clinical therapy. Closed group. No fee.


Group Programs for Women

Building Better Boundaries

This group provides education and support for women who have experienced any form of abuse and are working towards setting better boundaries in their lives. Open group: clients can join at any time. No fee.

Moving Toward Healthy Relationships

This group for women who have experienced emotional or physical abuse focuses on safety, building of self-esteem, ending the cycle of violence and learning how to be healthy in relationships. No fee, however, completion of Understanding Me Group Program and registration is required. All participants are interviewed prior to the start of group to determine whether this group will best meet their needs. No fee.

Understanding Me

Understanding Me provides education and support for women who have experienced emotional and/or physical assault within their intimate relationships. Open Group. No Fee, however registration is required. No fee.

Group Programs for Men

Taming Our Anger: The Hero’s Journey (Group for Men)

This program is a learning opportunity for men who have difficulty expressing and/or managing angry and aggressive feelings.  Cost: $200, sliding fee scale available.

Group Programs

Group Programs

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