Workshop List

Workshop List

Workshops Offered By Carizon

Supporting Someone with Anxiety and Depression

Supporting a loved one suffering from anxiety and depression can be frightening, difficult and confusing. This workshop will be an opportunity to speak to others sharing the same struggle as a support-person, to receive professional guidance and some much-needed support for you.

Let’s Talk About Trauma

In this psychoeducational workshop we will explore the different types of trauma, some of the neurological, biological and emotional aspects of trauma and the trauma effects on relationships.

Warming Up the Winter Blues

As we cross the threshold from Autumn to Winter, and daylight gets shorter, and the cold drives some of us indoors, some of us find our energy waning and our moods slumping: this can range from feeling a bit blue to something as serious as major depression, only to ease or disappear in Spring and Summer (Some people are on an opposite cycle!). We will discuss this difficult seasonal experience and explore what might be helpful to address it as we enter into another winter.

Money Matters

Learn about the importance of budgeting and financial management through life’s many transitions. Develop skills and gain an understanding of resources available to you.

Ten Healthy Habit of Financial Management
  • Self-assess your level of financial fitness
  • Learn the 10 Healthy Habits of Financial Management
  • Obtain resources to help you get your financial house in order
  • Meet new people and have some fun!
Engaging with Difficult People

The world is full of difficult people…co-workers, customers, neighbours and family. They cannot al- ways be avoided. It’s easy to over-react to difficult people, which leads to a stressful and conflicted situation. This workshop will help you develop strategies in dealing with difficult people.

Living with Chronic Pain

Learn about mindfulness skills, self-care strategies, pacing, dealing with grief, and ways to move for-ward with chronic pain.

Supporting Someone with Chronic Pain

Supporting a family member with chronic pain is a very important role but it can also feel overwhelming and draining to the caregiver. Sometimes it is hard to know how to help the person with chronic pain. It can also be hard for the care-giver to attend to their own needs. This workshop will provide strategies for how to support someone with chronic pain, as well as offering participants a chance to talk about their experiences. Self-care strategies for the caregiver will also be explored.

Work/Life Balance

When life gets complicated, and it does when we play many different roles—workers, parents, spouses, friends and caregivers—we need to make room in our lives for taking care of our own physical and mental well-being. Not surprisingly, achieving balance among all those competing priorities is difficult. This workshop will help you develop strategies to find greater balance.

Winter/Spring Workshops 2020