Spring Newsletter

Creative Fundraising with Lasting Impact

When compassion meets creativity, lasting change happens! This past year, Carizon was honoured to be the recipient of community-organized fundraisers that have made lasting differences in families’ lives.

One donor’s story  

As Elizabeth Keeso, owner of Aesthetica Face and Body, planned her retirement, she invited her clients to celebrate this milestone with a donation to Carizon. Liz remembers: “Before I needed Carizon, I had no idea they existed. It was a frightening time for my family and one of constant uncertainty. The first time I entered their building, I remember the feeling of calm and safety. I felt incredibly blessed to receive their guidance.” Now, with a new chapter set to begin, Liz says “it was the perfect opportunity to help support Carizon for their amazing and essential work.” This creative idea raised funds that will ensure families are connected to vital mental health supports and services. 

Helping families thrive, one T-shirt at a time

Another wonderful community initiative happened on Giving Tuesday when Carizon was honoured to have Mike Farwell, talk show host at CityNews 570, join us to promote our exclusive Carizon T-Shirt. These amazing t-shirts, which remind people to “Be Kind. Be Human. Be Brave. Be You” were created and generously donated to Carizon by St. Jacobs’ own Fog Off Clothing Co.  A limited number of t-shirts are still available for purchase for $25, click here to order yours today. All proceeds go towards supporting the mental health and wellbeing of families in our community.  

Birthday celebration makes a lasting impact!  

As a champion for mental health Jon has been finding creative ways to support our community, especially for those working in the Hospitality industry. Jon, a well-recognized chef, has brought together his passion for food and mental health and for the past two years, has hosted the Rest for Restaurants charity event in support of Carizon.  

Jon believes that open conversations and establishing resources are key to supporting the mental health and well-being of the individuals working in the hospitality industry. And he takes every opportunity to amplify the message. Jon knows that birthdays are a time to celebrate with family and friends and that they are also a perfect time to support the issues that matter to you. That is why he decided to make his 40th  birthday celebration even more special by asking his friends to donate to Carizon’s Hospitality Mental Health Program. The funds raised will continue to support tailored mental health resources and subsidized counselling for the hospitality industry. Thank you, Jon, for being such a great mental health champion.  

Whether it’s honouring your child’s teacher, sharing a custom fundraising page with friends as part of your birthday celebration, or thanking each of your wedding guests with a donation in their name, there’s no limit to how you can creatively, and easily, be a part of lasting impact in our community.  

We’re here to support your vision. Contact us at 519-572-0652 or development@carizon.ca to further explore opportunities.