Community Resource Program

Community Resource Program

Grounded in Wellness, Resilience, Trauma-Informed, and Attachment-based philosophies and practice, Community Resource Workers offer mental health service navigation and support, and mental health consultation for parents/caregivers and school staff regarding concerns and related complex issues of children/youth. Services are offered in the form of one-time consultation meetings, parent workshops, psychoeducational groups, Circle of Security Groups, as well as community and mental health service navigation, and emotional support for families.

Community Resource Program programs are facilitated in various locations throughout Waterloo Region including schools, community centres, public libraries, coffee shops, Carizon office locations and offers on-site Community Resource Worker support at 21 elementary schools across Waterloo Region.

Resource Coordination is designed for youth and families who experience barriers to accessing mental health services for their child(ren). CRP workers support children, youth and families in identifying the programs or services that will best meet their needs, and accessing the service by completing paperwork together, arranging meetings, attending meetings, providing emotional support, and coaching through difficult conversations and other tactics to help minimize or remove barriers to accessing services.

Consultation Service allows parents and/or youth to meet with the Community Resource Worker for a quick (50 minutes) session to help brainstorm resources and services that support the current needs. While designed to be a one-time service, in some instances a follow-up meeting regarding the same issue may be required to support connection to resources.

Parent/Caregiver Workshops allow participants to come together to learn about particular topics and to share experiences with each other. These workshops may take place in a school, often referred to as “Coffee Connections” or outside of a school in a community setting. Workshops can be one-time events or regularly scheduled (bi-monthly, monthly, weekly) topics varying depending on the needs of the families in each school.

Trauma-Informed Workshops for both parents and professionals are facilitated by Community Resource Program throughout Waterloo Region. Workshops are held monthly and at various times to allow participants to choose times that work best for them and their family.

Group Programs are offered to support the mental health of children and youth in our community and prevent acute and/or chronic mental illness for these youth in their future. The group programs are developed as a result of existing trends, request from families, and observed areas of need from various stakeholders. The groups are facilitated in the Fall and Spring of each year, and the groups provided may change regularly in order to remain responsive to community needs.

TAPP-C Program is part of a larger community initiative to support the small number of high-risk children and youth who engage in fire setting behaviour. The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPPC) works in partnership with the Waterloo Arson Prevention Program for Children (WRAPPC), and CRWs are trained to facilitate the mental health component of the TAPP-C program. This involves individual sessions for the child/youth and individual parent sessions as well. TAPP-C clients often require resource coordination support, and this is a feature of the service that we provide in order to optimally serve the participant and their family with their mental health needs.

Additionally, the Community Resource Program supports schools with their “Moving on Mental Health Strategy” by providing one time “Tools for Life” In-class Consultations and Booster Sessions that teach social and emotional management skills to children. Overall, this program works alongside families and schools to pursue the well-being of children and families.

For a referral to the Community Resource Program, please speak with the Principal at your child’s school or Front Door Access to Child and Youth Mental Health Services

If you have questions or feedback about the Community Resource Program, please contact the Community Services Program by phone at 519-743-6333, email CRPGroups@carizon.ca, or speak to your school social worker and/or psychological services consultant.


Group Programs

Group Programs

To register or to refer
families please email
crpgroups@carizon.ca or call (519) 743-6333 ext. 2383.


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Group Programs

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