Community Resource Program

Community Resource Program

The Community Resource Program (CRP) is offered at 21 elementary schools across Waterloo Region. At these schools, families have access to a Community Resource Worker (CRW) for a variety of services:

Consultations are private, one time, in-person meetings provided to parents at the school to discuss their mental health concerns or questions about community services.

Resource Coordination Services connect families with a Community Resource Worker for 30 days of personalized support with accessing mental health services and other community services that will help the family achieve their goals, e.g., attending Front Door walk-in sessions with families, helping to complete applications for financial assistance, or providing support with navigating the mental health system.

Coffee Connections are parent workshops that provide opportunities for parents to learn more tools, approaches and information on wellness. These workshops can be one-time events or regularly scheduled (monthly, bi-monthly, weekly) on varying topics depending on the needs of the families in each school. Examples of workshop topics are: Managing Your Own Anxiety, Parenting a Child with ADHD, and What is Self-Care?

Trauma Informed Parenting Workshop is a standalone workshop facilitated by Community Resource Program throughout Waterloo Region. Workshops are held monthly and at various times to allow parents to choose times that work best for them and their family.

Group Programs are offered to support the mental health of children and youth in our community and prevent acute and/or chronic mental illness for these youth in their future. The group programs are developed as a result of existing trends, request from families, and observed areas of need from various stakeholders. The groups are facilitated in the Fall and Spring of each year, and the groups provided may change regularly in order to remain responsive to community needs.

TAPP-C Program is part of a larger community initiative to support the small number of high-risk children and youth who engage in fire setting behaviour. The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPPC) works in partnership with the Waterloo Arson Prevention Program for Children (WRAPPC), and CRWs are trained to facilitate the mental health component of the TAPP-C program. This involves individual sessions for the child/youth and individual parent sessions as well. TAPP-C clients often require resource coordination support, and this is a feature of the service that we provide in order to optimally serve the participant and their family with their mental health needs.

Additionally, the Community Resource Program supports schools with their “Moving on Mental Health Strategy” by providing one time “Tools for Life” In-class Consultations and Booster Sessions that teach social and emotional management skills to children. Overall, this program works alongside families and schools to pursue the well-being of children and families.

The Community Resource Program works with the following Waterloo Region schools for 2019-20:



For a referral to the Community Resource Program, please speak with the Principal at your child’s school.

If you have questions or feedback about the Community Resource Program, please contact the Community Services Manager at -519-743-6333 ext. 2406, or speak to your school social worker and/or psychological services consultant.

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