Pathways to Education

Pathways to Education

  • Enrolling over 90 percent of the youth in the community
  • Reducing high school dropout rates
  • Increasing four and five-year graduation rates
  • Increasing the number of youth going on to college, university, or meaningful apprenticeships, internships and employment
  • Chandler-Mowat, which includes Valleyview Rd, Chandler Dr, Mowat Blvd, Howe Dr, Windale Cres, and several others;
  • Kingsdale, which includes Courtland-Shelley, Traynor-Vanier, Cedarwoods Cres, Connaught St, Kingsway Dr, Balfour Cres, and many others.

Currently, Pathways Kitchener is working with over 600 students in the two communities. Pathways students have shown a marked improvement since the program began in September 2007, as they achieve higher grades, attend school more regularly, and focus on the expectations and requirements of their educational plans. Programming is offered in multiple locations throughout the Kingsdale and Chandler-Mowat communities, and the Student Support Workers are meeting with students in 17 high schools in the area.

Four Pillars of Support

  • Academic Support is provided through an after school tutoring program.
  • Social Support is provided through a wide range of programming activities to help students with social skills, community engagement, employment readiness, and transitioning to post-secondary options. Students can choose group activities suitable to their interests and abilities, and the activities provide a positive, safe, and supportive experience in their own community.
  • Financial Support is provided through the distribution of bus tickets and food vouchers, which students earn on a bi-weekly basis through regular school and program attendance. Financial support is also offered through a scholarship that is kept in trust for the students until they graduate high school. This scholarship is used to support their transition to post-secondary education or training.
  • One-on-One Support is provided by the Student Support Workers, who provide a bridge between the student, school, family, and program, helping students and their parents navigate the school system while advocating on their behalf.

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