Pathways Programming Information

Pathways Programming Information


Tutoring is available in all subjects, as well as ESL/ELD and Special Education. Tutoring expectations vary by grade. Grade 9 and 10 students are required to attend 2 hours/week whereas Grade 11, 12, and 12+ are required to attend 1.5 hours/week. Despite these specific requirements, students are encouraged to attend tutoring as often as they need. Students should speak with their SSW if they require an alternative tutoring arrangement or would like to request an exemption.

Tutoring takes place Monday through Thursday in the evenings in both neighbourhoods in multiple locations. For more information about locations specific to either the Chandler-Mowat or Kingsdale community, please contact the Pathways office.

On site, students have regular access to a volunteer tutor. Pathways tutors, consisting of university students as well as working and retired professionals, work individually or with a small group of students using a variety of academic resources provided by Pathways to Education.

Pathways staff are always on site to ensure the tutoring environment is conducive to learning, safe, welcoming, and respectful.

Social Programming

Pathways social programming ensures students in Grades 9 through 12+ are engaging in a variety of activities that enhance their social development and work to strengthen the sense of community in both the Chandler Mowat and Kingsdale neighbourhoods.

Skill-based workshops are offered to provide students with the opportunity to learn new skills such as stress management, resume building, interview readiness, or financial management.

Students are also offered the opportunity to engage in various community events to build relationships, learn from other caring adults, and get involved in activities outside of the program.

SSWs support their students’ transition to post-secondary education or meaningful employment in their graduating year. The program offers a variety of resources for students including: guest speakers, group workshops, apprenticeship opportunities, visits to potential employers, fieldtrips to post-secondary institutions, informational presentations, etc.

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Group Programs

Learn about our group programs with multiple sessions and how to register for them.