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gifts you can give each day

Five Gifts You Can Give Each Day!

When it comes to gift-giving, most people have embraced the “giving is better than receiving” philosophy,  but have we also adopted this approach when it comes to our attitude? What gifts can we give to others on a daily basis?

  1. The Gift of Positive Thinking
    Studies show that people who choose to focus on the positive are happier, more adaptive and better thinkers. They see possibilities and solutions. When stuck in a negative frame of mind, however, people lose sight of the positive and see mostly problems. Often a negative frame of mind comes from feeling things are beyond our control or a response to competitive pressures and opportunities. When things feel beyond our control, it helps to consider all that is within our control – our reactions, our point-of-view, where we put our energy, and often how we get things done. Start the day asking yourself  “how can I uniquely make a difference today?”.
  2. The Gift of our Attention
    Pay attention and listen to others. Look at their contributions. Make a point of acknowledging people’s efforts and accomplishments. You have the power to make someone’s day by simply giving a “pat on the back” and expressing that they are valued.
  3. The Gift of Saying “Thank-you”
    Make “thank-you” a ritual. Since the advent of text and electronic devices as a communication mainstay, a handwritten note has become a unique form of expression. Even a post-it note can articulate your appreciation in a complimentary way!
  4. The Gift of Gratitude
    More and more we are learning the power of gratitude. We can create an environment that is both more satisfying and more effective by focusing on gratitude. Keep a log of things to be grateful for. Share this habit with others and they can learn the power of gratitude through your appreciative spirit.
  5. The Gift of Giving Back
    There are many ways to be generous. Whether it’s making a donation, volunteering your time, helping a neighbour. Giving of yourself is contagious. When you give, others are inclined to do so as well and you can be a part of a giving network that builds a strong and supportive community.