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Four Tips for Newlyweds to Help the Love Grow Bright

As the warm weather arrives, most Saturdays we will witness the promise and excitement of newly shared lives as weddings take place throughout the city. The years ahead are full of learning new things as a couple, adapting to change and strengthening the love and bond shared. Each word and gesture can help make love grow or dim its brightness. Carizon counsellors share 4 positive habits that couples can adopt to help their relationship to last a lifetime:

  1. Share values and interests, but respect the ways in which you are different. While we may want our partner to see things the way we do, it is critical to understand and accept that individuals, married or otherwise, do not always approach subjects, tasks or wants in the same way. Listen to each other without judging and acknowledge that you are two different people and differences make for a much more interesting life.
  2. Laugh at yourself and keep a sense of humour for most issues aren’t worth getting your knickers in a knot – it just makes you walk funny. Have the courage to admit when you’ve messed up (because we all do) and when you have messed up, always, always say you’re sorry.
  3. Continue to compliment one another and notice the other’s good qualities or accomplishments. This is something that tends to be easily dismissed when other demands are placed on a couple, but it is a worthwhile life-long strategy that only brings positive results.
  4. Learn how your partner wants to be loved. People want love expressed to them in different ways. Some people find words of affirmation very important. Others find that spending time together speaks volumes. Some love receiving gifts like acts of service (doing the dishes without being asked) or physical touch. Learning what your partner wants can really help you to let him/her feel your love.