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Kindness is a Powerful Attitude

In today’s world, “having attitude” means to have an aggressive edge. Perhaps having “attitude” makes us feel stronger and more in control, particularly if we’ve ever felt powerless or disadvantaged. However, adopting an attitude of kindness can be empowering. Choosing how we behave is liberating. Whatever the other person does out there, we still have a choice on how we act and react.

Kindness is a preferred attitude and has the potential for revolutionary change. Choose to practice kindness and just see what happens in your life.

Looking for some ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day celebrated on November 3rd? Here are some thoughts from the staff at Carizon that you may want to consider in celebration of the day, or to embrace throughout the year.

  • Invite a person who lives alone to join you for dinner.
  • Give parents a break and borrow their children for an afternoon outing.
  • Offer to do childcare so a mom can sleep, run errands or do something she would like to do.
  • Give someone who won’t be expecting it a big hug.
  • Bake a treat for your co-workers.
  • While in the coffee shop drive through, pay for the person behind you.
  • While waiting in line, let the person behind you go first.
  • Hold the door for someone; this especially works well when you are a female holding the door for a male.
  • Compliment someone.
  • Smile at people you pass on the street.

If you would like to join the kindness movement, visit the KWCF website.