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Connecting Through Play (FULL)

Ages 5-7 and their caregivers, Waterloo Region Play isn’t just fun; it’s how children learn about their world. Adults engaging and being present in play is a “hands-on” way to establish a deep connection and strengthen relationships. Our weekly, virtual, family group sessions will focus on arts & crafts, active games, and activities (materials provided)…. Read more »

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Healthy Living & Healthy Relationships Family Group (FULL)

Ages 7-9 and their caregivers, Waterloo Region In this virtual group, families will participate in discussions and activities promoting healthy lifestyle and family wellbeing. Every other week will be a cooking session where families shop for, prepare, and cook a meal together. Families in the group then join together for a virtual family meal. On… Read more »

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Super Dads, Super Kids – In-person

Dads or male identified caregivers and their children ages 4-6 years This program will help you to: – Relate better to and connect with your child – Commit more quality time with your child – Teach your children about important topics like emotions, health, and communication In-Person: Downtown Community Centre (Kitchener).

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Dads Matter

Dads and Male-Identified Caregivers and their children ages 4-6 years Join us in the gym for the opportunity to: Learn how to be your child’s #1 fan and coach Learn the basics of soccer Learn how to increase parent patience, healthy communication, and understanding of how important it is to spend time with your child…. Read more »

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