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National Philanthropy Day 2022

On National Philanthropy Day, we celebrate the extraordinary change that fundraising and philanthropy have helped to create in our world. For Carizon, this means serving our community through our mission of helping families thrive by strengthening their mental health and wellbeing. Without the support of our generous funders, delivering this mission would not be possible.  

We are fortunate to receive the support of many compassionate and kindhearted donors. The level of philanthropy in our Region is invaluable and the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation is a testament to this. The foundation, founded by Lyle S. Hallman in 2003, has been generous, innovative, and committed to this community by supporting numerous charitable organizations in Waterloo Region. Their contributions to each organization have been significant and have had a huge impact on our collective ability to serve the community. But their philanthropy is quiet, gracious, and humble.  

We recently attended a celebration of the 100-year milestone of the Hallman family legacy. While we expected the event to be sold out, what was even more impressive was to see a room full of grateful members of the many organizations that have been impacted by the Foundation. The celebration included the launch of John Fast’s book The Hallman Legacy, and when looking through the pages, we are reminded that the Foundation has supported more than 100 organizations in this community. This means thousands of lives changed because of the Foundation’s vision and philanthropy. Our community truly is a better place because of the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation.  

Carizon has received support from the Foundation since 2004. 18 years of trust and investment in our mission has enabled us to make a continuous positive impact, enriching the lives of families across Waterloo Region. Their flexible funding model has allowed us to take chances and lean into the areas where the community needs our support the most. They have enabled us to access resources for core organizational functions, such as being able to adapt new technologies that deliver efficiency and effectiveness, investing into impact measurements through our quality framework, implementing HR best practices, enhancing our programming, building capacity by offering high quality training to all our employees, advancing our equity journey, creating opportunities to diversify funding, and much more.

If Carizon were the Foundation’s sole beneficiary, all of that would be impressive; but the fact that we are only one of the over 100 charities the Foundation supports in the community is nothing short of extraordinary. The Lyle S. Hallman Foundation has been one of our most dependable supporters and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate National Philanthropy Day by recognizing their unwavering commitment and generosity. Their dedication to making a difference in our community exemplifies the true meaning of philanthropy!

Thank you Lyle S. Hallman Foundation! #nationalphilanthropyday