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What You Need to Know About Energy Management and The Art of Taking a Break!

The warm weather is finally here and summer vacation beckons! After a long, cold Canadian winter, a vacation in summer sun is particularly sweet! Vacations are good for us. There is much research to show the health benefits of taking a vacation break. Breaks allow us a chance to rejuvenate. Vacations give us those opportunities to reconnect with friends and family, our personal support systems that are vital to us as we navigate life! Vacations also help as at work! Taking a break from work can make us more creative and far more effective in the workplace.

Being effective at work is really more about “energy management” than time management. Most workers today have too much to do and too little time to do it. The common response of simply working longer hours when there is more to do isn’t sustainable. Time is finite. There are limits on the hours we can work. We can, however, increase our energy. And one of the most important methods to build energy is to take breaks, short breaks during the work day and longer vacation breaks. It bolsters creativity. Stepping away often allows our subconscious to offer new ideas and new solutions. Even as we immerse ourselves in vacation activities, our subconscious is mulling over new ideas. Perspective provides clarity and we make better decisions.

There is science to this. Recent developments in neuro-science suggest that relaxation and “down time” are essential for the process of restoration. Restoration strengthens our creativity and ability to see solutions. It helps us learn and adapt. Moreover, if we don’t take that down-time, the neural connections that produce feelings of calm and peacefulness weaken and it can be that much more difficult to relax in the future.

Taking a break, getting fresh perspective and reconnecting with friends and family adds much to replenishing energy levels. Everyone needs time to decompress. So take your vacation for your health, for your creativity and for your friends and family – and for you!