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Parenting During Quarantine

April is Stress Awareness Month, and this seems particularly relevant right now.

People say that parenting is the hardest and most stressful job on the planet. I’m not sure that I totally agree. However, as I sit here typing this and listening to my toddler’s calls of “mommy, where are you?” from my bathroom office, I have started to think that they might be right.

Times are hard right now. Stress is high, and people are feeling isolated and anxious. This creates extra challenges for the parents of the world as we feel the pressure try our best to manage our own anxieties while reassuring our children that “No honey, Ryder and the rest of the Paw Patrol will be just fine.”

Be kind to yourselves, friends.

Self-care and stress management looks different for everyone when things are normal and are going to look even more varied as we navigate these uncertain times.

Do your best.

You are not your child’s teacher; you are their family. Math is not as important as connection and secure attachment, I promise.

Have fun.

Dance in the kitchen and bake cookies in your underpants. Makeup stories, songs, and games or pull out some of your old favourites.

Take time to be present and disconnect from the overwhelming amount of media coverage that is available. Have a virtual coffee date with a friend that doesn’t mind the view of your messy bathroom in the background and then take a nap.

Breathe my dears. This too shall pass.



For COVID-19 Specific Resources – visit our Resources Page and check out the Parents & Families section for family-friendly activities and mental health resources.

For Children’s Mental Health – Front Door offers support, strategies, services, and resources. To get started, visit their website www.frontdoormentalhealth.com or call 519-749-2932.

For Individual Support – Carizon continues to offer counselling and support sessions via phone and video chat. To get started, please call (519) 743-6333.