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Extinguish Your Fire – Kitchener [WED FULL]

For children ages 6-8, in Waterloo Region In this group, children will have the opportunity to learn strategies for managing their big emotions through interactive discussions, games and activities. Participants will learn new skills including how to regulate and calm their bodies, thoughts and emotions. In-person: 480 Charles St E, Kitchener in Room 217.

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I’m More Than My Pain: Biweekly Support Group

Adults with experiences of chronic pain This group is a support group for people who are looking to gain and receive support around the challenges of living with chronic pain. As this is an open group, group membership will be different in each group and members can attend the weeks that work for them.  Participants… Read more »

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Building Better Boundaries

Women with experiences of any form of abuse This group provides education and support for women who have experienced any form of abuse and are working towards setting better boundaries in their lives. Group sessions include opportunities for discussion, reflection, and making personal connections. Virtual.

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First Time Parents

Parents and caregivers of babies aged 0-6 months. First time parents/caregivers are welcome as well as those just looking for a refresher! The First Time Parents Group is a 10-week, parenting support and educational program for first time parents and caregivers. Come together and build a community! Join us to talk about breastfeeding, introduction to… Read more »

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Growing Healthy Together

Prenatal people and their support persons Join our Program Coordinator, Registered Dietitian, other pregnant people, and their support people, to talk about your healthy pregnancy! Through this program we offer referrals to other community support, information about healthy eating during pregnancy, tips on cooking and making meals and much more! *Participants do not have to be… Read more »

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Understanding Me

Women who have experienced abuse in their intimate relationships This group provides education and support for women who have experienced emotional or physical abuse within their intimate relationships. In-person or Virtual

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From Fear to Freedom

Adults, Waterloo Region and surrounding area An engaging, interactive, skills-based group for adults struggling with anxiety. Group members will learn how certain behaviours reinforce anxiety, develop tools to better tolerate and accept uncomfortable emotions, and practice new ways to move towards the things that matter in their lives. Virtual.

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Just Breathe

Children ages 9-11 and their caregivers, in Waterloo Region Join us to increase understanding of anxiety and learn strategies to help manage the challenging thoughts and feelings often associated with anxiety. Caregivers and children will learn how to use mindfulness-based tools to manage stress, develop emotional regulation skills, and build self-awareness in this activity-based group…. Read more »

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Tea & Talk

Adults in Waterloo Region who have refugee or protected person status Looking for a way to connect? Come join our Newcomer Mental Health and Well-being program’s free women’s group that supports and promotes holistic well-being and belonging in the community. Participants will learn and discuss topics that impact participants lives, learn about resources and activities… Read more »

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