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dancing in the rain

6 Strategies to Learn to Dance in the Rain

The other day, I did one of the cryptic quotes. The result was: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I believe it’s a quote from author Vivian Greene. It got me thinking about how often I find myself looking ahead to the next stage or how much better life will be once I get beyond a certain time or goal. The goal might be work-related – “once we finish this task or project, things will run smoother.” Or the goal could be personal – “once the car loan is paid…once the kids are done University…once we turn this corner…”

So how do we learn to dance in the rain and not put off our happiness until tomorrow?

  1. Live in the present. I think we can start by reminding ourselves to enjoy life as it is, right now. Look to celebrate and savour the little things every day, like that first cup of morning coffee. Don’t rush your day and your thoughts to the point that you fail to notice the pleasure you derive from the moment at hand.
  2. Get outdoors and literally smell the roses. We all tend to get caught up in the fast pace of daily life and worrying about what we need to be doing next. Rather, mindfully enjoy your surroundings. Take a break, go for a walk and focus on what you are enjoying in the moment. Stepping away from a distracting, busy world into the quiet world of nature provides the opportunity to be grateful for simple things like the sunshine on your face or the sand between your toes.
  3. Practice self-care. Invest in yourself by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and taking time to experience whatever you identify that sooths your soul – perhaps yoga, playing the piano, painting, listening to music, soaking in a tub surrounded by candlelight. During challenging times, self-care will make you feel your best.
  4. Break goals down into smaller increments. While we can set goals and experience the satisfaction in achieving those goals, the fulfilment really comes from the process of accomplishing the end result one step at a time. It helps me to reflect on how much has already been realised in achieving the big goal by observing several stages along the way.
  5. Mark your calendar. I highlight any day on my calendar that I have something special to look forward to. When I look at my upcoming week, I am always pleasantly surprised to see how many days I have highlighted that promise to add a delightful element to my schedule.
  6. Recognize that there are different stages in life and each stage comes with its joys and with its challenges. Instead of rushing to get to the next stage, focus on getting the most out of the stage you are experiencing.