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Social Media & Wellness: Finding Your Balance

To compliment the previous tips which included using social media mindfully and a social media cleanse all together, our last tip is a combination of the two: finding balance in how you spend your time.

Finding balance can look like the following:

  1. Discover and engage in hobbies: Have you ever found yourself using social media because you were bored? Finding a new hobby or re-discovering a past interest is a great way to build your confidence, provide a fresh perspective, relieve stress and encourage you to take fun breaks.
  2. Increase in-person connections: While social media helps us stay connected to loved ones far and wide, it does not replace the benefits of face-to-face interaction. If you struggle to remember the last time you saw your friend, consider reaching out to make fun plans. It is the quality of friendships that enrich our lives rather than the quantity online.
  3. Use the ‘Screen Time’ application: Download the ‘Screen Time’ app to assist in reflection on social media use. When assessing the time spent, consider asking yourself:
    • What mood is this content putting me in?
    • What thoughts are coming up for me?
    • Is this content improving my life in any way?
    • Could I be doing something more positive for myself right now?
    • Is this improving or harming my self esteem?
    • Do I feel connected or isolated?

If you notice that your answers are negative or you just want a change, you might benefit from limiting your social media use or doing a social media cleanse (refer to our previous blog post for tips on how to!)

4. Remember: You are not the only one struggling to find this tricky balance. Talk to  someone about your experience online, whether that be a friend or a professional. You’re never alone.

Carizon offers walk-in counselling services on a sliding scale basis for individuals of all ages, Tuesdays from 12 pm- 6 pm. 


A FREE two-hour workshop called, Girls on the Web: Wellness and Social Media, will be available free of charge from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm on February 26th, at Carizon (645 Westmount Rd. E location). Please call 519-743-6333 to sign up!