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Take One Step at a Time to Physical Wellness

Physical activity is a key component to overall wellness. But, many people fail to achieve a healthy lifestyle because they try to achieve too much too fast. Becoming fit and healthy is a process and the duration is different for each individual. It is helpful to take one step at a time to reach your fitness goals. In addition, remember to place getting healthy above looking differently or meeting society’s expectations. Change your lifestyle to a healthier one because you want to be the best version of yourself.

Here are some key goals to keep in mind when embarking on a fitness plan:

  • Focus on progress NOT perfection.
    • Focusing on progress allows us to acknowledge that we are not perfect and that our pursuits to be healthy may not always go as planned. And that’s okay. What is important is trying again.
    • Wellness is about being realistic and setting goals that can be accomplished. When keeping up with a fitness regime causes additional worry and stress, your actions can impact your overall wellness.
  • Remember that even if you start and then stop you can always pick up from where you left off. Many individuals will stop being active because of a large lapse in their fitness activity. They believe they have failed and that it is just not worth trying to keep it up. But, it is always worth starting again when it comes to your physical and mental health.
  • Having a healthy body also means having a healthy mind. Physical activity reduces stress and contributes to mental wellness.
  • At the end of the day what matters is that you are being active! Tailor your fitness to your personality and things you enjoy doing.
    • If it helps having a workout buddy, then find a friend or a group to join. Having a reliable and accountable teammate who encourages you can help you succeed.
    • If you like to be alone, systematic and organized, then make a list of things you can do by the end of your workout day. Give yourself breaks and drink lots of water.