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Top 5 Ways To Be After You Graduate

Now that you are a graduate, what will you become? It’s not so much the idea of what will happen next in your life or about any great thing you may be destined to accomplish. Graduation is a good time to reflect on how you want to “be” as a person. Here are our recommended top 5 ways to “be” that we would like to share with all graduates:

  1. Be…accountable. Whether you’re going to college, university or work, be sure to go! People stop reminding you and stop taking attendance once you graduate.
  2. Be…self-sufficient. Learn how to take care of yourself. Do your own laundry, cook for yourself and learn how to manage your own money.
  3. Be…good to yourself. Surround yourself with good people, eat three meals a day, sleep 8 hours a night, exercise, etc.
  4. Be…good to others. Give back to your community any way you can (time or money), help others, and be kind and respectful to all those you encounter.
  5. Be…in charge of your own destiny. Take control of your life and don’t settle for anything but the best for yourself because you’re worth it and you can do it!