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Try These Summer Non-alcoholic Alternatives

With the warmer weather fast approaching it brings a time of parties, summer barbecue’s and lounging on the deck. Members of the FASD Community of Practice would like to remind you that NO amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy. Offering a tasty and attractive non-alcoholic alternative makes it easier for expectant women to avoid alcohol (It’s also a nice alternative for designated drivers and those avoiding alcohol for other reasons). Consider serving one or more of these fun recipes:

Cran-Apple Cider
Rim glass with cinnamon sugar. Combine equal parts cranberry juice and apple cider. Garnish with a rock-candy swizzle stick.

Chocolate Mock-tini
Coat inside of glass with chocolate syrup. Blend together 1/2 cup chocolate milk, 1 cup mint-chocolate chip ice cream and 4 ice cubes. Garnish with candy cane

Shirley Temple
Rim glass with pink Pop Rocks. Add 4 Tbsp grenadine syrup to 16 ounces ginger ale. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Sparkling Sangria
Add sliced apples, strawberries, oranges and frozen grapes to sparkling grape juice. Garnish with a candy fruit gel slice.

Faux Champagne
Combine equal parts ginger ale, white grape juice and pineapple or orange juice. Garnish with frozen grapes and a curly straw.