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Volunteer Profile: Justin Hoang

It’s National Volunteer Week (2020) and we are profiling some of our amazing Carizon volunteers who donate their time and talent to our community.

Today’s profile and round of applause goes to Justin Hoang:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Currently, I’m a student at Conestoga College, working towards a degree in accounting. I enjoy helping people and to that end, I am also working on starting up a business teaching computer programming. 
What is your volunteer / student role?  As a volunteer tutor, I help high school students with any problems they are having with their schoolwork. I specialize in accounting, math, marketing, and computer programming. 
How long have you been with Carizon?  have been volunteering with Carizon for about 6 months. 
Why did you choose Carizon?  Volunteering with Carizon gives me an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the community, specifically as it relates to finding meaningful employment. As someone with a stutter, I have experienced firsthand how much more difficult finding work is when you face barriers most people never experienceIt got me thinking about what other barriers young people might face. Being a volunteer tutor with Carizon gives me the opportunity to help students overcome their own barriers, at least as it relates to their education. 
What do you enjoy most about working with us?  It brings me great pleasure to know that I’m helping someone reach their full potential.  
Tell us about some of the skills you’ve been able to use and/or develop.  I improved my problem-solving skills. I remember the basic knowledge about the problems students present me with, but not the specific knowledge required to solve these problems. I frequently find myself looking at their notes, reverse engineering the solution, and explaining it back to them in a way that is easy to understand.  
What would you tell someone who was considering volunteering or doing their student placement with us?   As it relates to being a volunteer tutor: It’s a rewarding experience. Also, don’t be afraid to help with subjects you don’t think you’re good at. Sometimes it’s enough. 

Thank you, Justin! You are making a difference in the lives of those in our community!

If you’re interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with Carizon, please visit our Volunteer Page.