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Why You Need to Take a Vacation!

So often we feel we cannot get away from the job – work is busy and there is no one else that can do what we do. However, it’s when our work feels the most demanding that it is critical to take a break. Fatigue and chronic stress directly affect our resilience and mental capacities. A vacation – and time “not thinking about work” — can go a long way to rebuild our resilience, creativity and energy levels.

Vacations are GOOD for us on many fronts.

From a health perspective, vacations can feed the soul and allow you to de-stress and derive enjoyment from life. Time away from work means that you can explore other passions and interests in your life be it gardening, camping, travelling, athletic activities, or just losing yourself in a good book. In addition, pursuing non-work-related interests helps us to define ourselves outside of our jobs, which, in turn, helps us manage work issues from a more balanced approach. Alleviating stress, also leads to improved physical health and longevity.

From a work perspective, vacations provide a time to “recharge.” This not only keeps us energized, but also can boost creativity. A break from daily routine often offers new perspectives that enable us to see solutions to problems that had previously seemed impossible. Furthermore, life experience outside of the workplace can also contribute to our overall body of knowledge that we draw on to help us strategize and develop new paths.

From a home perspective, taking time and enjoying life with the people important to us keeps those relationships strong. In our fast-paced lives, family relationships often don’t get the attention they deserve. Getting away from work furnishes you with dedicated time to devote to your partner and children, allowing you to maintain and grow those relationships and to build lasting memories. So, turn off your mobile devices and play a game with the kids, go camping with the family, spend some time enjoying a picnic lunch at the beach with someone you love… the rewards are immeasurable.

So take it easy this summer, take a break and make it a practice to take a vacation!